The sightseeing spot I recommend is Zubari Hakone.

It is a tourist spot recommended for domestic travel.

It is a tourist spot recommended for domestic travel. I think it is a famous spa town in the country. The couple recently went to Misasa Onsen in Tottori Prefecture, which suits the conditions suitedly. First of all, it is because it is possible to stay cheap compared to the hot spring town where transport is convenient from other cities when saying that the spa town in the countryside is recommended. Speaking of famous hot-spring towns, I think that it is still a hot spring. Moreover, I think that a room with an open-air bath rather than an ordinary hot spring is a specialty of only the spa town. It is a very famous place to get such a room and it will be amazing. However, I can stay in a room with outdoor hot spring at a price that is surprising just by going to the countryside for a moment. If you do it, you will be cheaper than the ordinary inn in the famous spa town. Once in the past I could only find the destination of the trip with a brochure of a travel agency or sightseeing guide, but recently even a bit minor on the internet it has become very difficult to find a great sightseeing spot. From now on it's not a famous place but a little minor place may be a rich travel recommendation

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