The sightseeing spot I recommend is Zubari Hakone.

My recommended tourist spot is

My recommended tourist spot is ""Kyoto"" no matter what. In my favorite place I have been going once a year in the last few years but I do not get tired of how many times I go there because there are places I would like to see and I can not finish it once and I want to go again and what kind of season Even if you go when you are in the climate, there is a feeling. Although it was unfortunately rain when I went there before, I would normally dislike sailing with an umbrella in the rain, but Kyoto has a taste in the streets, so I walk around the temples in the rain It is not bad either! Besides, the seasonal expressions are abundant like cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in fall, snow in winter, so the scenery is completely different even in the same place, so you can enjoy any season. Mysteriously it will walk around even a long distance. Gourmet is also one of the enjoyment, Japanese food not usually eaten usually ... Tofu cuisine and tempura are delicious, and matcha and Japanese sweets are also well matched. There are many people who usually live in the Western style when they are living in the usual way, but it is healed that we can feel the best in Japanese when we go to Kyoto. Although it is solid, Kiyomizudera is recommended. The view is very beautiful, and the slopes are fun until you go over there. It is fun just because you are walking around a lot of shops lined up mainly with souvenirs.

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